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The two most important factors for a successful doctoral thesis are a brilliant and ambitious student and a dedicated scientific advisor. The MCBO Best Paper Award, sponsored by the Innsbruck Medical University, shall create incentives for outstanding doctoral students and their advisors to pursue scientific excellence.


The price consists of a monetary award, travel budget and a certificate. Active students can use the travel budget for participation at an international scientific congress or workshop, alumni for their participation at the Life Science PhD Symposium, where they are expected to present their award winning research.
This year’s award ceremony will take place at the Life Science PhD Symposium on April 16th - April 17th, 2020.


Doctoral students enrolled in the MCBO doctoral program and alumni up to one year after graduation. Scientific articles published or accepted for publication in 2019.


Excellence of published research, significance of applicant’s contribution to the work, dedication to PhD training.


A complete application form with all required attachments has to be submitted to the PhD School Service Center (phd-school@i-med.ac.at) as a single PDF file as well as a signed hard copy by:

February 15th, 2020


The applications will be evaluated and ranked by a committee composed of scientist from within and from outside the two doctoral programs. Students of committee members are not eligible to apply.  
>> Download: MCBO Best Paper Award - Application Form
>> Download: MCBO Best Paper Award - Advisor Info