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Transcriptional integrator p300 in human prostate tumor-initiating cells
Structural determinants of specific voltage-sensitivities of L-type calcium channels
Role of calcium channels in AChR patterning and neuromuscular junction formation
Analysis of FZR1 function in tissue homeostasis
Structure-function link in the DHPR ß1a subunit for tetrad formation and skeletal muscle motility
The erythropoetin / p27 axis in erythroid cell proliferation and differentiation
Identify the role of NRXY family in the classical helper subset of CD4+ follicular Th (Tfh) cells
Novel Interaction between LAMTOR and BLOC1 Complexes
Functional characterization of CENP-A interacting factors
Disease cross talk at the Ras-MAPK pathway, defining the interaction of neurofibromin with Spred proteins.
The tumor strikes back: Loss of skin DC in a spontaneous melanoma mouse model
Cav1.3 L-type Ca2+ channel dysfunction in autism spectrum disorders
The molecular mechanism of ESCRT mediated membrane remodeling
The regulation of cell growth and survival by selective membrane protein degradation
Inferring intratumoral immune landscapes using quantitative image analysis and next-generation sequencing data
Testing Bim as a functional target of miR-17~92 in tumorigenesis
Investigating the interrelation of oncogenic stress and Caspase-2 activity
DC-iphering complement- and Fc-receptor- mediated HIV-1 incorporation in and effects on DC function in search for novel therapeutical targets